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Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

Our big Texas family was scheduled to arrive early on a Saturday morning to celebrate our sons 7th birthday. We were all very excited and was ready for everyone to arrive, unpack, and settling in. My in-laws had arrived a few days early and I caught up with my mother-in-law in the kitchen working on her shopping list and menu ideas to help me feed this crew. I decided to open the mail while we were catching up on life over a nice cup of coffee when I came to my electric bill and it stopped me in my tracks. It had doubled within the month and we both couldn’t believe it. Talk about ruining my party spirit. She chimed in and suggested I research energy market specials in our area. She gave me the details about texas electricity providers and now I am eager to learn more about our options that could possibly save us money. Now if I could just figure out how to feed this whole crew without taking out a second mortgage I’ll be doing just fine.

Posted 4:10 PM


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